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Cowtown Angels members must be accredited investors who agree to actively participate in the group process through selection, funding and mentorship. Further, Cowtown Angels believes that, given the high risk and illiquidity of angel investing plus the minimum requirement of $10,000 per investment, the federal securities law should be viewed as the minimum standard.
If you are an investor interested in being considered for membership, please complete the form below for more information on receiving an invitation to attend a group meeting. Cowtown Angels requires prospective members to attend a minimum of one and maximum of two meetings before membership approval to ensure the program is a good fit for both Cowtown and the investor.

Among many things, Cowtown Angels is an opportunity for individuals like myself, whose time is mostly taken up by family and work, to get the chance to hear the bright ideas and meet the many sharp and aspiring entrepreneurs in my own backyard. The Cowtown Angel experience has proven to be very educational and inspirational, all the while providing a unique path to community involvement.

J.W. Butts, Member

I am proud to be part of a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences who invest in and help grow early stage businesses in our community. My hope, as Cowtown Angels continues to invest in dynamic and promising startups, is that entrepreneurs will want to start their companies here in Fort Worth with the knowledge that this city has all of the elements of a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Tyler Head, Member

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Cowtown Angels,
please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with more information.

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